Review: Peripera Choco-Choco Volume Mascara in Dark Choco


I am a sucker for anything chocolate themed. I just love chocolattee! Plus I had been wanting to try out more Peripera so I thought I’d try out this Choco-Choco Volume Mascara in Dark Choco. I’ve never had a brown mascara and I’ve recently fallen in love with brown eyeliner so why not?


Look how delicious this is! It’s too bad the chocolate on the mascara lid is soft plastic because it attracts all the dust and dirt. But it’s still cute!



The colour is a pretty spot-on chocolate brown and includes pink pearl in it too. The brush has a slight curve to it and typical brush bristles. The formula itself is fairly thick and not too wet which is nice. I still remove the excess before application though. It is waterproof and includes honey extract for soft lashes.

L1050899 L1050900 L1050901 L1050902

I apologise for not so flattering eye photos! But here you can see before (top row) and after application (bottom row). It has certainly done well for my tiny bottom lashes but I don’t think it worked so well for the top ones. They’re definitely more curled and have a little extra volume but it’s very clumpy and bits just kinda went everywhere. I’m not sure the brown colour has done much either, they still look black to me. Maybe I need to play around with the application more, like taking the excess off, but I wanted to show how it applies straight out of the tube.

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this despite it being super cute! It’s just too clumpy and little flakes of it get everywhere on your eye as you can see in the last photo. It did do well for my bottom lashes though but I wasn’t impressed overall.

JessicaSignature Graphic


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