Sheet Mask: Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Shea Butter


Didn’t have much luck with the innisfree hydro-gel mask but I enjoyed the Cucumber variety of the it’s real squeeze masks so decided to try out Shea Butter this time!



ribbonFit: Pretty good fit actually. I put this on without looking in a mirror so it’s a little crooked but it sits just fine and doesn’t aggravate my eyes or mouth. There are no eye flaps though but I never use them so it’s not a drawback for me!

ribbonSmell: Doesn’t have much of a smell. Sort of a standard perfume when you pull it out of the packaging but nothing much when wearing on your face.

ribbonEssence: It’s a milky-liquid rather than the normal clear one. Obviously because it has shea butter in it! It’s cooling and nice on the face. No drips and no stickiness!

ribbonRemoval: There was a lot of smooth lovely essence left which I just massaged all down my neck and ears and just patted into the skin. After about 30 minutes my face was super moisturised and soft! It left a very nice smooth texture.

ribbonOverall: It’s a pretty great mask! It definitely nourished my skin and made it baby soft! Wearing it was comfortable and easy and no stickiness or gross texture on removal. Definitely a thumbs up from me!

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