Review: MENTURM The Sun UV Gel


I recently did a Rakuten haul and this Menturm the Sun UV Gel SPF50+/PA++++ was one of the sunscreens I bought. If you read the AsianBeauty reddit board you will probably be on the Japanese sunscreen hype train too! This isn’t my first one. I’ve also tried Shiseido Anessa, Suncut and multiple Bioré ones. All of which I enjoyed actually. I’m constantly replying to requests for good waterproof/sports sunscreen with the gold bottle of Anessa because it’s strong stuff! I haven’t seen much mention of this one and decided to buy it and give it a go! It has the magic SPF of 50 and the new PA ++++!


The bottle is medium sized and plastic. It contains 100g of product and feels sturdy with good weight to it. The shape almost makes me think of a gemstone at the top. Ratzillacosme has information on this formula here.




The product comes out as a thick white cream which contains 7 natural herbal extracts: aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber, cabbage rose, peach leaf, perilla leaf (mint family) and luffa fruit (from the cucumber family that also becomes loofahs!) As well as three UV filters. It has a very light scent of sunscreen but no added fragrance. It does contain silicones and parabens if those are issues for you.


When you start spreading it, it becomes like water and is very easy to slip around the skin and massage in!


It only takes a few seconds to massage into skin before it’s no longer wet. There’s no stickiness and it dries pretty quickly to a really soft, smooth texture. There’s no white cast (comparing my hand freckles to my arm ones) and no shine!

This sunscreen is sadly not sweat or water proof but it can be washed off with simple face wash. I think this would be a good inside or winter sunscreen when you won’t be sweating it all off!

In Japan it costs 650 yen and on Master of Life Rakuten it was 703 yen or AUS$7.72.

Overall this is a really nice sunscreen with a great price for how much you get, especially if you request SAL shipping from MoL instead of EMS. It applies quickly and  feels nice on the skin, giving you fast and high protection during winter! The soothing and anti-aging extracts are a nice addition too!

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