Review: Etude House Cherry Lip Gel Patch


I received this as part of my haul from Etude House in Singapore. I love Choosy Lip Masks so thought I’d give this a go! Plus who doesn’t love anything cherry?!



So here’s a picture of it staying on my face which was rare overall. It’s a semi-thick plastic like mask that is pink and it does smell really nice and sweet, not too much like cherry specifically though. The problem is it wouldn’t stay on my face. Whereas the Choosy ones will happily cling to your face while you go around doing stuff, this one is for lying down only. I didn’t really have time to lie down doing nothing for 30 minutes. But I must say it did give some good moisture to my lips. If you’re up for lying around and really pampering yourself, and Etude House is easy for you to get, then I say go for it! But I think Choosy lip masks are far superior to this one and would prefer to pick some of them up from my local Asian cosmetics market.

JessicaSignature Graphic


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