Sheet Mask: Pure Smile Funassyi


I was hauling sheet masks on Master of Life when I stumbled across this Funassyi mask and it took mere seconds to add it to my cart because omg! How awesome is this! I kind of fell in love with Funassyi after watching a bit of TV in Japan. I didn’t even care what the mask was like to be honest… I just wanted this awesomeness on my face!


Funassyi putting Funassyi on it’s own face.


Aw yeah!


ribbonFit: Pure Smile has a great fit for me. I like the added sit to the middle of the nose so it can fit better across the bridge.

ribbonSmell: It smells just like nashi pears which is really awesome. It wasn’t overpowering or sickly. Just delicious pear!

ribbonEssence: Tonnes of essence on this baby but it didn’t drip and wasn’t sticky. It included collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and pear extract. Made my face feel really smooth, soft and hydrated.

ribbonRemoval: Lots of essence was left on my face but a couple of seconds massaging it in and letting it air-dry, it left a soft smooth texture to my skin.

ribbonOverall: This mask was pretty damn awesome. If you can get it then I highly recommend it. The scent was unique, it worked as it should and you looked awesome for 20 minutes! I felt really conflicted and sad throwing this one in the bin after. Sorry Funassyi! :(

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