Review: MENTURM Sun Bears Strong Super Plus


I see this sunscreen posted all the time in hauls on reddit and thought I would check it out since all these people are buying 5 at a time and everything. It’s the Menturm Sun Bears Strong Super Plus SPF50+/PA++++ sunscreen which I bought from Master of Life on Rakuten. The little red bear invites you into this review!




It’s a tiny-wee bottle with 30g of product and an adorable bear. The bottle is plastic and smooth with a twist off cap. It’s lightweight and would be perfect thrown into most purses and bags for reapplication. You can see ratzillacosme’s information about it here.



It is a thin liquid consistency and the bottle needs to be shaken before dispensing. The great thing about this formula is that it is water and sweat proof so perfect for sports and summer days. It contains glycyrrhetinic acid and scutellaria baicalensis root extract for hydration. I believe it is also free of alcohol, which adds to its popularity on reddit.


Massaging it into the skin it actually feels thicker and silkier like a serum rather than water. It did react to my skin a little and pilled, which you can see on the right side of my hand, but it was easily worked in and smoothed with more massaging.


The finish is soft and slightly powdery with no shine and or white cast. It has an added fragrance of grapefruit but it’s very mild and pleasingly sweet rather than acidic.

Because this sunscreen is waterproof it needs to be removed with makeup remover or double cleansing with an oil and face wash. It does contain silicones and parabens.

In Japan it costs 735 yen and at Master of Life on Rakuten it was 756 yen or AUS$8.30.

It’s nice to have a waterproof, alcohol free sunscreen on hand which is easy to apply and carry around. The fragrance is mild but if you don’t like scents in your face products altogether then I wouldn’t buy this because it sticks around for awhile. It’s too bad that it’s so tiny and the price is more than a 100g one I posted recently. I suppose if you really fell in love with it, bulk buying would be the way to go and lots of people have apparently done just that. This type also comes in sensitive (pink bottle) and cooling (blue bottle). Overall, I like it and will be using it when it’s more sunny or I’m going shopping in town since I’m a sweaty-beast when confronted with crowds and exciting products to buy! :P

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2 thoughts on “Review: MENTURM Sun Bears Strong Super Plus

  1. Angela & Renee says:

    I’m currently using this one and like it but do think there must be something better out there. (Well, I like Solanoveil Watery Gel better, but something even better than that.) Sun Bears takes too long to set/lose the shine now that it’s humid.


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