My First Lush Haul


Since moving house I finally have a bath tub of my own after years and years! Of course that called for lots of bath goodies! Sadly, it seems not a lot of places really sell stuff for baths anymore? It’s almost impossible to buy bubble bath liquids where I live. Even The Body Shop only has 1 or 2 and they smelt really bad to me haha. It seems Lush has cornered the market which is good and bad. Good because the bombs are really cool and bad because they’re expensive, all in the $6 range.




When I went to the only Lush store in my city it was a little confronting at first. So many things and the, erm, fragrance of the place. It’s pungent! It took a few seconds to get used to it. I ended up with 5 bombs in my basket before going to the check out. I basically grabbed at ones I had read about online.

I bought: Avobath, Butterball, Dragon’s Egg, Phoenix Rising and Twilight. I’m not sure about the different scents yet because they all smell the same in the bag and seem to have the same oils, etc. We will wait and see in the bath! I plan to cut them all in half to make the cost more worth it and because half of the baths will be my partner’s!

What are your favourite Lush bath bombs and other bath products? Where else do you buy things for your baths? I’m sad that we don’t have Bath and Body Works in this country because they seem to have a nice big range of bubble bath liquids!

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9 thoughts on “My First Lush Haul

  1. xxsweetiepeachiexx says:

    Lush is great! What country are you in hun? The one in Australia, canberra always smells of strawberries to me!


    • kittenishgirl says:

      I’m in Adelaide actually haha. Ours smells like really strong lemon or lavender or something. I’m just a bit sensitive to really strong smells. Wish it smelt like strawberries! :(


  2. Records of the Ohanzee says:

    There’s really nothing quite like a long bubble bath with a good book! ^_^ Fortune Cookie Soap has amazing products on par with Lush and even lets you customize your own fragrances. I highly recommend them. They are in the US, but primarily operate online and I’m pretty sure that they do ship overseas.


    • kittenishgirl says:

      I totally can’t wait, especially while writing my thesis. I’ve looked at Fortune Cookie Soap before, mostly at their subscription box, but I think I will need to do a haul of their goodies now. Thanks for reminding me about them! XD Omg I want all the ice cream bath bombs and the Peter Pan bath salts, argh!

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  3. oceanoffear says:

    I love all the lush bath bombs and also get some from wilko. Excuse they are only £1 so you can relax without pouring all your money down the drain Xx


  4. lucieleannexo says:

    Dragons egg is one of my favourites, it’s so exciting to watch in the tub! Twilight is also lovely as its a nice soft scent and is great when you need a nice chilled out bath after a stressful day! Xxx


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