Review: HelloFresh (Part 2)

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Here is the second part to my HelloFresh review. You can find part one with the unboxing and ingredients here! Once again, this is an Australian dinner cooking service where you get sent weekly boxes of ingredients and curated recipes so you can cook dinners for 3 or 5 nights. It’s not available in every city but they have been expanding. My partner and I got a voucher to try our first box and we got 3 meals for 2 people. Now we’ve cooked the meals and eaten them, will we continue subscribing? Keep reading to find out!

The first night was Italian Spaghetti with meatballs. The ingredients were local vegetables and meat, plus Italian tomatoes and pasta. The parmesan didn’t say where it was from.




This recipe was super easy and included Tuscan kale for extra healthiness. It was really yummy too despite it’s simplicity. The only ingredients I needed to include were olive oil, salt and pepper. We still have half the packet of spaghetti and garlic too, so we can use them in whatever we want in another meal!

The second meal was North African Lamb Tagine. The only thing weird about this is the tomato paste from the USA. I suppose it’s just tomato paste so that doesn’t matter but was a bit random for a company attempting to locally source everything!





Another simple recipe. I’m not sure the flavour was as good as the spaghetti. I think the couscous could have used from raisins or something but I had none in my pantry (It’s a bit empty post-move!) But it was easy and filling enough!

The third night was Pepper-Crusted Steak with Warm Potato Salad. It came with my partners favourite cut of beef, rump, so that was nice. (The best bit’s in the rump!)



You receive an email before your order is delivered with pantry items that you need to buy for the recipes and this one needed dijon mustard and whole egg mayonnaise. They were easy for my partner to pick up on the way home from work though. I stupidly refrigerated the potatoes and the cooking time on the recipe wasn’t long enough to cook them so I had to microwave them at the end lol. It still ended up really tasty and probably the best dish of the week! The steak is delicious and I could eat sugar snap peas all day long.

That was the 3 Classics meal box for the week. What’s the verdict? It was really fun, easy and delicious! We’ll be continuing our subscription, even bumped it up to 5 meals a week, while we can afford it. Although I’m not a new cook I do get a bit lazy in meal planning and shopping for the week so this service is really useful that way. The recipes are easy to follow and the ingredients are wonderful quality. I’m looking forward to seeing what new meals we will get in the future!

If you are in an Australian city that HelloFresh services and want to try it out, use the code 7Y3Q6T to get $35 off your first box! This is a referral code that every user gets and can share freely. I do receive a small percentage off my own boxes if you use it.

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