Review: Soufeel Charm Bracelet


I recently received a starting bracelet and 3 charms from Soufeel who are a Chinese based company, from what I can gather, selling a similar product to Pandora for a fraction of the price. I’ve never been one to be loyal to “big brands”. Especially for jewellery which I don’t wear as often as I should (because I do love it and love buying them haha). If you’re like me and you don’t really want to spend the big bucks on Pandora that you may or may not love, or that you’d be super paranoid to lose, then this company could be worth checking out!

Disclaimer: I received these products for free in return for this review. This review is still 100% honest and in no way did I have to agree to be positive. All the opinions written here are my own.

I received my items from but there is also an Australian version at so purchases can be made in Australian currency which with the state of the dollar right now is a blessing.
Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.24.12 pm

You can get free shipping after a certain amount and they seem to have a lot of discounts, on new stock especially. They sell charms, pendants, pre-made bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. It looks like everything is made of 925 Sterling Silver and they have certification for that. Their website itself has linked certifications of authenticity as well proper security in place for your purchasing safety. I appreciate them going to these lengths to prove to their customers that they are professional and legitimate. I found all of this information at the bottom of the front page!





They sent me the package in a bubble-lined envelope all tucked away in a little box with lots of padding. The box is not worth keeping to be honest but it got the job done. Purchases come with a cleaning cloth which is nice! You can never have too many cleaning cloths! It was shipped from China and only took about 2 weeks to get to me in Australia. If this is how they usually mail out then that is really good! Each piece came in its own plastic baggie.

I was asked to choose a blank starter bracelet. I chose the slinky one rather than the hard one, which cost US$29.95 at time of ordering,


The bracelet is a plain starter one which you add charms to. When you order you specify the size that you want and they recommend getting one that is 2cm bigger than your actual wrist. The one I chose was 21cm. It doesn’t actually fit over my hand which is a little disappointing. I have to un-latch it and latch it back up to put it off and on – which has to be done really carefully or else the charms will slip off. The latch is like a little snap thing that you place the end of the bracelet into a specific spot to lock in. But to be completely honest, I just tried putting it back onto my wrist and it was easy as pie. The only thing is if you are really paranoid about your nails this may not be something for you as you have to use your nails or something similar to release the snap open.

The bracelet itself is really comfortable, slinky and because it can’t fit over my hand it doesn’t sit too far down either on my hand or arm!

I also got to pick three charms from the new Summer range. They have charms that cover all sorts of themes including zodiac, nature, travel, love, hobbies, religion and more. There are also “memorable” charms where you can get any photo or image included on the charm/pendant! I chose three that would suit a travel theme starting with a red travel suitcase. From there I chose the cutest charm of Big Ben since London is one of my all time favourite cities and a blue crystal to add sparkle and go with the blue and red already chosen.


Red Travel Suitcase, US$19.95 down from US$50: A smaller sized charm, it fits really neatly to the bracelet. It has a little weight to it and the colour is bright and perfect to the edges. The details are really nicely done and it doesn’t look cheap at all. Not worth $50 but definitely $20.


UK Big Ben, US$25 down from US$50: Sorry I couldn’t get a clearer photo of this, the macro was not having fun. This charm is slightly bigger than the suitcase and is a cute little Big Ben. Both sides have the same pattern of clock face and union jack, plus the diamond crystals are on all four sides of the top section. There’s also a diamond crystal on the bottom for a little more sparkle from every direction! The colour is perfectly done and all the lines are straight.


Dark Blue Ice Crystal Faceted Murano Glass Bead, US$20 down from US$40: This is the biggest charm. Very simple but looks really effective. The glass itself is cut geometrically like a gem so it is not smooth to the touch. Inside though it looks like ice. In the light it really glows and this particular colour is really pretty.


Overall Verdict: I wore this for two days and it was really comfortable. With only 3 charms they tend to slide around a lot but there’s tonnes of room for more charms and that’s really the fun of it, isn’t it? I really like this piece. I think it looks just as expensive and beautiful as Pandora. It’s shiny, sleek and well crafted with no defects that I could see. I am definitely considering buying some more charms – there’s a cat, birthstone and other things that would be neat! The bracelet and the three charms cost $100 all together. Though I think if you were just to start out with the bracelet and one charm for $50 that is pretty doable and would make a wonderful gift. I imagine you can use Pandora bracelets and charms too, so if you wanted to use their charms or already have a bracelet but there are charms you like on Soufeel that would be a great idea!

I was pretty excited to receive this product for the review but I have tried to be honest about some of the drawbacks – such as having to open and close the bracelet. I do think it’s a lovely piece though and think if you’re into this kind of jewellery then this company is worth checking out!

I’ve been given the code ‘5wonder’ that all my lovely readers can use to get 5% off your order! Thank you to Soufeel for that. :)

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