Unboxing: Japan Crate


My Dad recently subscribed to Japan Crate and he came over to share the contents with us. Japan Crate is a monthly subscription box that sends you a selection Japanese candy! My Dad bought 12 months of the Premium version and I believe there are 3 versions you can get, with the Premium one having the most items.It comes in this very nice, sturdy box.



The Premium box has 12-14 items, drink, 1 DIY kit guaranteed and a revolving bonus item. It’s all nicely packed together in the cutest box and comes with a magazine explaining all the items. The DIY kit has English instructions included in the magazine so it’s easy to construct! I have yet to construct the DIY kit as it involves a lot of liquid mixing and freezing to make sherbet animals!


In this box we got traditional red bean jelly (my partner enjoyed this one!), grape jelly in a little bottle (which we all thought was kind of gross, it wasn’t really grape nor had a great texture), candy paste (like this crazy plastic goo that was citrus flavoured!), little hard candies that change colour (featuring a cute chameleon), cola flavoured taffy stick and gummy (which was from a set of rock-paper-scissors hands – we got paper!) and corn potage crisps that were puffy and melted in your mouth.


We also got a wafer biscuit that had soy chocolate powder on it, these adorable cube-puppy themed potato cubes that had a black pepper flavour and were super yummy, and super sour lemon gum that my Dad and I had to spit out because it was soo sour!


Our pack included this “kid beer” which was a creaming apple soda. It looked just like beer when poured out but had a creamy sweet flavour.

Overall, there were a tonne of great and different products included in this box. It was really fun to try all of them together – especially when an item didn’t agree with us lol. There are a couple of things I may look for at one of the Japanese stores in town because they were super delicious. I highly recommend this box, even the smallest which is $12 a month. If you love anything Japan, you’ll enjoy this one!

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