Unboxing: Turntable Kitchen


My partner subscribed to the monthly box Turntable Kitchen. Each month you are sent a box including an exclusive vinyl pressing, three recipe cards and a pantry item that is used in one or more of the recipes. It’s a great way to discover new music and vinyls as well as recipes that go great together! What you’re supposed to do is put on the music, make the dishes and have a wonderful night! This is the June box which is also known as TK045: Mid-Summer Feast with the vinyl EP Imposter by Harry Edwards.


It turns up in a cute and sturdy brown box. When you open it, there’s a cool stamp of a whisk and headphones, the monthly information pamphlet and all your new goodies!



So pretty all tied up with a bow! Inside the blue package was the EP, three recipe cards, the card for a digital download of the EP and a deluxe size food product.



Gold members can pay extra and receive special coloured pressings of the monthly vinyls. This one would have been a tri-colour of red, white and blue. We’re ordinary members and received a pure black print from a 350 edition pressing. Turntable Kitchen make these themselves from independent artists, thus you have the table setting graphic on the label. The music this month was Harry Edwards’ Imposter.


Our deluxe sized food item was Organic Dried Marjoram and it’s pretty huge! I don’t think we’ll need to buy more any time soon. Luckily, this is the herb that I use in my Mexican chilli/spices recipe on the regular so it will be used! The three recipe cards and high quality, having the photo and ingredients on one side and the instructions on the other. This mid-summer feast includes Fresh Calamari Spaghetti, Herby Marinated Mushrooms (using the marjoram) and Hot Apricots with Lemon Verbena Whipped Cream. Each recipe serves four. I guess the only thing about this is that I live in Australia and it’s actually mid-winter here. I will still try out this recipes soon I think, but I will definitely plan to cook the whole meal up properly when it comes to summer time to really enjoy the whole effect!

The box costs US$35 including shipping to Australia. If you are interested in independent music and vinyls then I think this is a worthwhile box to try out! The recipes are interesting and it’s nice to get an ingredient, especially of this deluxe size to use whenever! Their next month is delayed due to manufacturing of the vinyl but it’s nice to know they are dedicated to high quality products. It seems like a great box to support!

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