Gothic Asian Beauty Products


One of the best things about Asian Beauty products is the packaging. There’s so many cute and wonderful products to buy with pink kitties, bananas and dinosaurs, but what about something for that spooky part in all of us? Or maybe you just need ideas for your gothic friends? I’ve compiled a few different products that appealed to the babybat of my youth and I’ll be honest, I still would really love. Some things are affordable, some more extravagant but all spooky and dark and magical~


Holika Holika is a brand that caters to both the cute and the darker magical aesthetic! For a pot of purple and gold luxurious on your nightstand you can’t go past the Prime Youth Bird Nest Gold Leaf Cream ($59.98). The Bloody Oil Tint ($8.98) in the shade Bloody Vampire will stand out and last all day on the paler complexions. ;) Finally, the witchier amongst us will adore a bottle of Holi Holi Magic Drop ($23.98) perfume in three scents of Make Me Pure, Make Me Sweet or Make Me Lovely.


Too Cool For School aren’t even being subtle about it. Probably the gothiest product available is the Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack ($10.71), they claim it uses the beauty secrets of vampires themselves to hydrate the skin during their daylight slumbers. For the lovers of Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper is the Glam Rock Abracadabra Eye Mask ($2.14) which is a totally sweet full eye mask that combines the all important black with gorgeous lace – pretty much perfect for sipping wine and listening to Cooper’s Poison. The last item is less outright goth and more “omg black kittiesss!”, the Cat Streets Lily & Jack Hand Cream ($5.00) is perfect to throw into your coffin bag. :P


TonyMoly is a brand known for its adorable and silly packaging but inspired by one of the new items below I went digging for their darker side. First up there’s the gorgeous lip tint Liptone Get It Tint ($7.98) in the shade Dark Knight! Anything the shade of blood is good in my books. For another product perfect to chuck into your purse is the Kiss Kiss Lip Balm ($7.98) which also has a matching lip scrub, you won’t be able to hydrate your lips without singing Science Fiction/Double Feature! Okay, so the last product is far from spooky and dark packaging but it’s a cute little milk bottle and you’re putting goat on your face. GOAT. Satan worshipping joke, funny right? Haha… ha. Anyway, goat milk is actually sweet as hell and TonyMoly has a whole whitening range to keep your paleness going strong. This Goat Milk Whitening Emulsion ($13.93) will be a great addition to your routine.

What inspired this whole post is TonyMoly’s new and coming soon product which was featured on this blog:


Yeah, it’s all about that amazing packaging! Who doesn’t want to wash their face using  a blood pack?!

Those are my suggestions for your spooky self or your goth friends. Hell, just lovers of anything dark and mysterious would love some of these items! Were you ever a babybat or do you still live for the goth lifestyle today? What are some spooky Asian Beauty items you love or have found that I haven’t mentioned here? I would love to know more! This whole post is basically a wishlist that I’d love to get right now!

Jessica tumblr_inline_mv343jfoyg1roozkr


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