Sheet Mask: Ciel Bijou Caviar


With packaging like this, how can you not try Ciel Bijou? Each mask has an intricate design with a portrait of young Marie Antoinette surrounded by the ingredient of the mask. This one is Caviar!



Dear lord. I was in need of a relaxing bath here lol. So tired, so stressed.

ribbonFit: Overall okay. I admit I put this on blind while in the bath so my application isn’t perfect. It didn’t stick into my eyes and wasn’t annoying on my mouth so overall it was fine! The eye shape is a little random though haha.

ribbonSmell: Not much of a smell. Maybe my bath water was overtaking it but I didn’t get any scent in my face that I remember.

ribbonEssence: Not sticky or drippy. Felt nice and cooling. I’ve never tried a caviar product before so I thought it would be an interesting, more mainstream ingredient, to try. Left it on for 20 minutes and it was starting to dry near the end, maybe my skin really needed it that day.

ribbonRemoval: Not drippiness, no stickiness, very easy to massage it in. Dried to a baby smooth texture!

ribbonOverall: I definitely saw instant benefits from this mask. My skin was noticeably brighter and firmer an hour or so later. It felt very nourished and springy. Really enjoyed this mask! Nothing offensive, super easy to deal with, loved it!

JessicaSignature Graphic


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