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I recently did my first order with YesStyle which I know has become really popular. They are a reseller of items and brands from Taobao. Taobao is like Chinese ebay but stores don’t ship to overseas so you have to use a shipping service. YesStyle takes the work out of that and you can just buy directly from them. I really needed bathroom organising goodies and they are many cute things for the home so I decided to try them out!




I ordered on the 14th of July and the package was shipped on the 25th of July and arrived to my door on the 4th of August. Two of my items were not available for 24 hour shipping and I had to wait for them to come “in stock”. The box was delivered by a courier service which is nice. I didn’t actually know what it was until I saw the contents inside lol. I was a bit puzzled at this random box! The packaging was okay. The box was a bit franksteined but most of the items had bubble wrap and it was fairly tightly packed so overall okay.


Buying only house goods was a little boring :P so I also got a couple of accessories. The first one was this clover necklace. It is made out of silver metal, though obviously not real silver, with plastic cutouts for the clovers. Both sides have the black and they had sticky coverings to protect during shipping which I had to peel off. Agh so many stickies to peel! I think it looks really cute! This cost AU$11.61


The second accessory I got was this fake shirt collar. I really like the look of collared shirts under things but sometimes they’re too uncomfortable or don’t look good under certain materials so this was an awesome find! I think you’re supposed to strap it on under our arm pits? I have no idea. Probably just easier to shove it on underneath, button up and be done with it in my opinion. It’s a nice thin fabric with a stiff rounded collar and cute pearly buttons. This cost AU$12.53


The first home goodies item I got was this suction cup bathroom shelf in pink! It has those crazy suction cups that you screw in on the other side so it’s super secure and strong. I think I definitely need a second one for my shower gels as well now. But it fits all the shampoos which is great and has a slotted bottom so it won’t fill with water or get mouldy. This cost AU$12.51


Again for the shower I got this gecko toothbrush holder in blue. My partner brushes his teeth in the shower and the way everything’s set up in our new place means there’s no space to hang a traditional shower caddy, thus the suction cup holding things. I just thought this was cute and convenient! This cost AU$10.71



The final item I got was this cat bathroom organiser shelf. It comes in other coloured animals but a black cat was perfect for me! I’m not sure if I will use this in the bathroom or on my makeup table instead. It was really easy to put together and it has a good size and pretty sturdy! This cost AU$11.61

Overall I’m really happy with the service and the items I bought. If you are in a hurry and need the items quick then I probably wouldn’t bother since it can take awhile to get everything. Otherwise, they have tonnes of cute and affordable items! I have yet to try the fashion which is the main draw of the website because I’m not Asian sized, haha, but I may bite the bullet and try one of the “plus size” items later.

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