Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette


Yesterday I ordered Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette from Mecca and surprise, it got delivered today! I’m always super impressed with Mecca’s customer service. I mean, they do have three different stores and the one that sells all my favourite brands isn’t in my state but whatever – at least I can order online and they ship super duper fast. :P Anyway, I’m sure everyone and their cat has this palette or have read about it but I don’t care. I do what I want on my blog! So continue reading if you want details, photos, swatches and an eye look!


The packaging is sooo adorable. I’m keeping the box to display somewhere later. I love the selection of shades with warm browns, golds and purples. You can’t go wrong with dessert shadow names either! Truffles, fudges and caramels are making me hungry!


“Product not edible” oh dear…


Inside the box is the palette and a little guidebook on three looks you can complete with the palette. Love this addition to it as some of us are just not very creative when it comes to these things. It’s a great starting point to really trying every shade out!


Look at this shiny shiny delicious tin of yumminess! I love anything that looks like chocolate! I know some are disappointed it doesn’t look more like the outside box or isn’t pink or whatever, but I love it!


And when you open it, the best smell of chocolate wafts out, ahh! The only thing I’ll say is a downside is not having the names under the shadows themselves. I’ll probably stick this plastic sheet onto the mirror because it’s not really big enough to use regularly and I like to know the names of my shadows!


Look at this untouched beauty. It’s always sad when you start using it and they’re no longer this smooth and lovely. I think my favourite shades are definitely Cherry Cordial, Candied Violet and Marzipan.



Swatched and you can see how pigmented they are! it’s true that Strawberry Bon Bon is the slacker in the bunch but could be worked with. Marzipan swatched it almost a rose gold, it’s so pretty!


Here’s a simple eye look I did before going out for my partner and I’s anniversary! I swept White Chocolate all over the eye after priming to make it easier to blend. Then I used a fluffy brush and Salted Caramel through my crease area. With a flat brush I patted Marzipan over the lid. Taking Amaretto and then a touch of Cherry Cordial on a small fluffy brush I deepened the outer corner. Finally I put a touch of Champagne Truffle in the inner corners and a touch of Salted Caramel and Amaretto under my eyes. Make sure everything is blended and wha-la!

I just find this palette to be a dream. It looks perfect, smells perfect and I find the shades easy to work with. I felt so good all day about my eye look and I can’t wait to try out some more! What about you guys? Anyone want it, have it, hate it, prefer the Semi-Sweet version? Let me know in the comments!

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