Review: Camirelli Crate


I saw this box featured on Messy Downunder’s youtube (she has a great channel btw!) and decided just to go for it and bought the August box! It is the Camirelli Crate which comes from a lovely family in Queensland, Australia. The box costs $40 per month altogether and comes with up to 6 full sized items and 4 sample sized items. It’s filled with homemade soy candles, soaps, body butters, scrubs and melts!




The packaging of the box is really cute. I appreciated the protective bag and bubble wrap to keep everything dry and safe! It’s a standard white shipping box but with spray painted logo and gold paint. I think it looks really good and perfect for a box just beginning. Can I just add that the box smells amazing. Even through the plastic bag that amazing scent came through. I couldn’t wait to open it!


My first item was this Medium Candle in Bubblegum ($16.95). It smells exactly as you’d expect, just like bubblegum! When it’s burning you definitely get a waft of the scent in the room too. It is a natural soy candle. It comes in a completely adorable glass jar with a lid.


A full sized product the Large Lip Scrub in Raspberry Coulis ($18.95). The ingredients are castor sugar, cold processed coconut oil, jojoba oil, lip flavour, sweetener, lip safe colouring and vitamin E. You get 60g of product. I’ve never had a lip scrub before so I was excited for this product! It actually smells just like coconut ice, if you’ve ever eaten or made it before! The scrub works really well starting off hard and exfoliating then melting into moisturising oil. My lips feel really soft after using it!


Full Size: Small Salt Scrub in Sea Salted Caramel ($7.95). This smells so divine! Like deep deep caramel toffee. Love it! The ingredients are rock salt, epsom salt, coconut, raw sugar, cold processed coconut oil, fragrance oil, skin safe colour and vitamin E. You get 50g of product. Another product I have never used before. I just tried it out on my hand and it leaves the skin super smooth!


From what I saw on Messy’s channel, they like to include a fashion item. This month it was this gorgeous plum Infinity/Circle Scarf ($24.95). It’s handmade from lovely chiffon-like fabric. It’s perfect for day or night!


I received a full sized and a sample sized soap. The full size was an Artisan Soap in Grape ($6.95) and the sample was Choc Mint ($1.98). The full size soap is 150g of product. Ingredients are coconut oil, olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide, fragrance oil, titanium dioxide and skin safe colour. Choc Mint also includes peppermint essential oil. The Grape smells exactly like grape soda, it’s quite amazing! The Choc Mint is probably the weakest scent out of the whole box and my partner hates mint so he wasn’t impressed lol. I will still use it though!


Now further into the samples. I got three Soy Melt samples in Banana, Cotton Candy and Banana (worth $1 each). I believe you melt these on an oil burner thing? All of them smell amazzzzing though the Cotton Candy is similar to bubblegum. I really think Banana is the best one!


Samples of the Body Butter in Cotton Candy and the Foaming Sugar Scrub in Musk Sticks. They smell exactly as you imagine! The body butter includes almond oil, apricot kernel oil and shea butter. It’s super creamy and thick! Would be perfect after a bath. I have yet to try the Foaming Scrub but looking forward to trying it out! Both samples are worth $3 each.


Finally a little set of stickers to go in my planner worth $4.50! They are pretty cute and funny that there is a sticker you can put in to remind yourself to order the next box since it isn’t an automatic subscription.

So that is the box! My nose and skin is in heaven to be honest! It cost $40 and the overall value was $91.23! Definitely an excellent box with beautiful homemade items and you support a little Australian company, what’s not to love?!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Camirelli Crate

  1. Lauren says:

    Wow this looks really awesome, a beauty box that actually seems worth the money! Thanks for sharing it, I might check it out for myself. The Sea Salted Caramel sounds amazing! :D


    • kittenishgirl says:

      Definitely a box worth the money. All the products are so high quality and smell amazing! Supporting individuals making stuff at home is pretty cool too! Omg I’m a bit obsessed with the salted caramel scrub – I love it in food and in skincare lol!


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