Beginner’s Drugstore Makeup Kit

Here is my Beginner’s Drugstore Makeup Kit that I think every beginner to makeup could buy to get a good start. I have to admit first off that I hate the term drugstore. In Australia it’s pharmacy but whatever. I will conform to Americcaaa. :P Let’s get on with it shall we?


The Kit
tiny2 Chi Chi Glamorous Eyes Palette in Nudes ($16.06) is a dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked 1 palette. It’s good quality and can be used for a number of looks including warm, cool, natural and smoky! You can also use the lightest shade as a highlight, the darkest as eye liners and a couple of the browns for brows.
tiny2 Maybelline Master Precise Liner in Blackest Black ($14.95) since everyone needs at least one liquid liner. The wing is super on trend and used for every look so get practicing! Master Precise won’t fail you!
tiny2 L‘oreal Paris  Mega Volume Collagen Miss Manga Mascara in Black ($21.95) for the perfect big black lashes! For cheaper alternatives look at Covergirl’s Clump Crusher ($18.95).

A palette of neutral colours is a great starting point to start getting the eye looks down. My advice for creating more adventurous looks is putting on a concealer or foundation over the eye lid and sweeping a colour that matches your skin tone all over will create a great base making it easier to blend your other colours. Using a fluffy brush blend every wash of colour you put on until any harsh lines are gone. Good blending is the key for a beautiful eye look!

tiny2 Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation ($17.95) which comes in a great range of shades. Just start by trying out a bunch of foundations in store to find a brand/colour/formula you like. A great tip for buying foundation is waiting for sales so if they don’t work so well on your face it’s not as much of a loss!
tiny2 Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder ($12.95) because I’m pretty sure everyone on the planet owns this powder. It’s awesome and totally worth it! Set your foundation for a matte and oil-free finish!
tiny2 Essence Silky Touch Blush in Babydoll ($5.10) is a simple and cheap blush in a soft and natural colour. Can’t go wrong!

You’re looking for a foundation that matches your body/neck with a finish and coverage that you need. Look for Mattifying if you’re oily and Dewy if you’re dry! Light coverage if your skin is even and Higher coverage if you have stuff to hide. A good powder in a matching or transparent colour to set the foundation will make it last all day. Finally some blush in a colour that you love will bring some life back to your face!

tiny2 NYX Butter Lipgloss ($9.95) in Angel Food Cake and Devil’s Food Cake. Buttery, non-sticky, highly pigmented lipgloss in a Your Lips But Better shade and a dark shade perfect for when you’re feeling vampy!
tiny2 NYX Round Lipstick ($8.95) in Chaos for that perfect red pout.

Ultimately with lips you want a gloss or lipstick in three shades for everyday, vampy and red!


Tool Kit: I’ve chosen all Real Techniques because they are cheap and great quality. You can buy them from their own website or from Priceline. I’ve chosen the Powder Brush ($10) for blush and highlight. The Miracle Complexion Sponge ($6) for easy, flawless foundation application and you can apply your face powder with this too. Finally, the Starter Set of eye brushes ($18) which includes brushes for base colour, crease, accent, fine liner and brows. Although all of these brushes can be used for multiple tasks!


Additional + Slightly More Advanced + Trend: If you need it or want to highlight with it a concealer like Maybelline Fit Me Concealer ($7.47) is great for both! Slightly more advanced is the trendy technique of contouring. Use darker powders or creams to carve out your cheek bones giving your face more definition. A good starting palette with all the colours you’d need is the Australis AC On Tour ($16.95). You may also want a proper contouring brush like this Model’s Prefer Contour Brush ($18.99) that perfectly fits in the hollows of your cheeks! Finally for the biggest trend right now – perfectly filled in and defined brows you need a good powder/pencil/gel and the Face of Australia High Definition Brow Kit ($9.45) is cheap enough to start playing around with the look!

That’s it for my Beginner’s make up kit! In terms of technique and getting the application just right I highly recommend watching lots of youtube beauty gurus and soaking in their tips and tricks. I highly recommend Sharon Farrell and Shaaanxo! Just keep playing and practicing which is annoyingly the only way to get good with anything in this world. I’m still working on my own skills but am eventually getting there!

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