Killstar T-Shirts and Sweatshirts


Being a lover of graphic shirts and sweaters, and looking for something more spooky lately Killstar is an interesting store I stumbled across.  I’m going to be honest in that I find the majority of their designs kind of tacky and not really my thing. But I did find some cool stuff in their current sale… it’s probably still considered all tacky but alas! I’ve bought a shirt from here before in a ladies cut, with a kitty and it says Black Magic, but the ones I bought this time were men’s cuts with overall patterns. Since I will be talking about fit I will say that I’m 18/20 (AUS/UK) in tops and 5’9″ in height. Let’s see the gothy coolness lol. tiny1



Everything gets sent in a bag with their logo. It’s pretty standard for buying clothes online these days. Inside I got two promotional cards and the items individually wrapped. Only just now do I see that the plastic has designs on it too. They definitely have thought of every detail in their branding. Even their clothes tags have cool designs.



The first thing I bought was the Goya T-Shirt [multi] in XL, which was originally £29.99. I suppose this could be considered a bit tacky and perhaps Ed Hardy like, maybe that’s just me. But it is actually my favourite Goya painting so I had to have it. I’m still a bit torn over the extra design but at least it’s baroque and dark, matching with Goya as it should. The material itself is fairly thin and soft. I actually prefer this because it’s more comfortable and flowy. The sleeves are long and the neck isn’t too tight or small. It also hits half way across my butt so it has a great length. It’s really comfortable and has the same print on the back.



The second item I got was the Cozmic Kitty T-Shirt [multi] in XL and it was originally £29.99. It has the same fabric and fit as the Goya t-shirt which is really nice. The pattern repeats across the entire shirt. Where it’s sewn at the sides it does not repeat smoothly but I wouldn’t expect that in an item like this. You could also buy this in black.



My final item is the Bat Sweatshirt [B] in XXL. It was originally £49.99 but I got it for 20. The sweatshirt repeats all the way around but does not match at the seams. It comes with black ribbing at all ends. The neck is not too small or tight, nor is it too circular so it sits across the neck instead of around it, if that makes sense?! Since I got a size or 2 up it’s rather long and the sleeves actually go on my hands (and I have looong arms). The fabric itself is not the kind that’s fuzzy inside. It’s like a thin cotton. It’s still pretty warm but light enough you could wear this in spring and autumn. The website says it’s a digital print so it doesn’t feel like there’s plasticy stuff on top of the black or whatever. Really nice and comfy again!

So there was my little Killstar haul. Shipping was super fast and you can pay with Paypal. The items are really nice quality and are so comfortable. I feel like t-shirts and sweatshirts I meant to be comfortable even if that means they’re not as fashionable looking lol. The only thing I would say is I’ve never paid full price for any of Killstar’s items and I don’t think I would in the future. They’re pretty damn expensive for a t-shirt especially when converted to Australian dollars. So keep an eye on their sale page if you want to buy some things. I find most sizes and designs end up there eventually.

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