MAC Matte Lipsticks – Whirl & Please Me


MAC recently released and re-released some of their matte lipsticks under a new matte collection. One of the new shades was Whirl which was originally only a lipliner. The dark brown tone is perfect for the current 90s fashion trend. I also bought Please Me which is a neutral pink!


Please Me pictures a lot more Barbie pink than it is in real life. It’s more muted and has brown undertones. But still a gorgeous sweet pink that is great for every day.


Whirl is brown with red undertones and is perfect for 90s looks!


Depending on the lighting it can photo and look fairly dark and very cool brown. Looks good for dark gothy grundgey looks.

Both lipsticks are super creamy and don’t dry to a crisp like some matte lipsticks. MAC has obviously worked on their formula to make them comfortable and wearable. They’re not long-lasting and you will need to re-apply after eating and drinking. But they do look gorgeous! The matteness makes the lips really full actually. They have a slight taste on the lips but it’s not horrid or noticeable much. Overall, both lovely lipsticks that I am glad to own! I’m tempted to buy more from the collection now if they’re all this good!

JessicaSignature Graphic


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