Review: Kawaii Box (July 2015)


I saw this subscription box, Kawaii Box, mentioned around and of course I had to get it since I love anything kawaii! Each month they send you a box of Japanese and Korean items that include toys, accessories, stationary and candy! I bought a 3 month subscription on July 14th and it cost AUS$56.70. Not too bad a price to get 3 months in one go! The July box was shipped August 4th. I don’t know if it’s because of when I bought the box that it was shipped when it was. It’s nice I still got a July box even though it arrived August 25th. They are currently processing my August box too. Never mind it’s technically a month behind because as soon as I opened it I instantly cheered up!



The box and packaging are super cute and detailed. I love how even the tissue paper has their logo on it.


Pastel Pearl Bracelet and Squishy Doughnut Mirror. The first item I took out was this cute little pastel bracelet. It’s slightly stretchy and looks like cute little gum balls on the wrist! The plastic is smooth and it’s pretty well-made. There was also this mirror compact, when you open the doughnut the mirror is on one side and it’s plain plastic on the other. The doughnut itself is squishy and soft! It comes with a metal ball chain to attach it to whatever you need! I think the sprinkles may come off with heavy wear though. It looks pretty convincing otherwise and my cat kept trying to eat it lol!


Mushroom Mini Plush. This plush has a metal ball chain on the end so you can add it to your bag or whatever. It seems they had multiple colours for this plushie and I got yellow. It’s face is very silly lol.


Flake Seal Stickers. I’m not too sure how these work. It says to clean/wet the surface then peel it on using your nail? Something like thatttt. They are crazy cute Alice in Wonderland stickers though and all holographic which is neat! You get a fair amount of them too!


Dessert Eraser and Cute Pencil Set. Adorable little Korean pencils which I think are just normal lead and a little eraser. I haven’t owned a novelty eraser in years… I remember in year 3 our teacher would bribe us to be good to “win” novelty erasers and pens at the end of the week lol. End random story!


Alpaca Keychain. Omg this is why I was excited for this box! I looked back through old ones and it seems like they try to include one Alpaca item each month and umm who doesn’t love the Alpaca?! This month it was this adorable keychain with three noodles (what I call them in real life lol) in cute pastel colours!



Rilakkuma Notes. Doing my thesis means using a tonne of notes and sticky notes in books so I was pretty happy to see this in here! It’s a pretty big booklet of all sorts of notes featuring Rilakkuma! As you can see here I still had two panels left unopened so you get quite a lot of notes in this pack!


Kawaii Toast Coaster and Korean Glitter Glue Set. I was totally surprised by this random coaster lol. It’s made of wood and has the edges and design “burnt” out. It’s a cute piece of toast with an adorable face! So random haha. We also got this really neat glitter glue set. I guess I will have to do some crafting or silly art to make use of these. If you didn’t think you’d use these though they’d make a great gift to a child in your life! ;)


Kracie DIY Chain Candy. I think they include a bit of candy because they also offer a candy box! I haven’t subscribed simply because my Dad gets Japan Crate and that’s probably enough candy for us in a month. But it’s really awesome to include a whole DIY set! I have two others to make this weekend so I will include that in the group and maybe I will make a post on making them!

Overall, I got 11 kawaii items in this box and for the price I would say they are definitely worth it! In Japan this stuff can get a little pricey. It also came with a discount for!

If you want to subscribe to this adorable box I’d be forever grateful if you wanted to use my affiliate link for the monthly subscription! Even if you don’t want to use my link I definitely recommend subscribing because who doesn’t want a little box of cuteness each month?! :)

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