Hello Spring


September marks the start of Spring! Yes, here in the Southern Hemisphere a long, windy, rainy, (in some unexpected places) snowy winter is coming to an end. The blossoms have started blooming and the sun is setting later. In theory it sounds great but I am definitely an Autumn, Winter person so it kind of saddens me. It’s still cold and rainy but soon it will be 30+ degrees (Celsius) every single day. The hateful golden orb in the sky making me want to cry haha. For now, I will enjoy the mix of Spring and the last bits of Winter. It’s time to open the windows, give everything a good clean and start cooking lamb roasts and light cakes. Jackets and hoodies will be going back into the wardrobe and replaced with layered tops, cardigans and kimonos.

Looking at the new range of products coming into the stores right now Spring is going to be about pastels and pineapples contrasted with geometric metals.

Are you excited for the change of seasons whether it’s Spring or Autumn?

JessicaSignature Graphic


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