Kawaii Box (August 2015)


It’s another month and another Kawaii Box! Sorry I haven’t been posting more regularly but I’m working on my last thesis chapter and I’m so close to getting a full draft done. Once it’s sent to my supervisor for editing then I’ll finish off my planned Sample-ooza and a Naked Smoky review! Huzzah! Anyway, onwards to the box…


Alpaca Tin Case this would be perfect for carrying around jewellery in your purse or travelling. It’s small but has a velvet-like lining on the inside! Also, alpacas with chicks on their heads!


Kawaii Neko Plush. Omg it’s pink, its a cat, I love it! The quality is pretty high as well. It’s very soft and has good stitching! It comes with a metal ball chain so you can attach to your bag or wherever.


Popsicle Squishy Charm. It’s cute and it’s squishy but I think it was the worst item in the box. It’s not terrible itself but feels a little cheap and the sprinkles look a bit dirty here and there. Plus they easily fall off. It has a phone charm string.


Tin Dinosaur Pencil Case. Adorable pencil case in my current favourite colour of purple! Just like any normal tin. It fits maybe 4-5 pens in it I think.


Naru Naru Gumi Nomi DIY Candy Kit. It’s cool how they include a DIY candy kit in these! This one looks very strange but fun! I have a whole stack of them I really need to do.


Puffy Paradise Stickers. Who doesn’t love stickers? Come on? These are very summery!


Mini Animal Spray Bottle. Ermergerd so cute! Purple and a cat?! It’s perfect for me! Will be great for travelling or sample products!

Included but not pictured was Macaron Ink Pen: It was a cute pink pen with a dangly biscuit macaron. Cloud Memory Letter Set: Pink envelopes and paper with smiley clouds. Korean Deco Tape: The tape was a yellow, blue and green pattern. Polka Dot Shoe Laces: It was a sheer pink ribbon fabric with opaque dots – very cute!

Altogether another 11 kawaii items that I can’t wait to use and have fun with!

If you want to subscribe to this adorable box I’d be forever grateful if you wanted to use my affiliate link for the monthly subscription! Even if you don’t want to use my link I definitely recommend subscribing because who doesn’t want a little box of cuteness each month?! :)

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