Review: Marie Claire The Parcel Beauty Box


If you’ve read my past Australian beauty subscription box reviews you will know that I haven’t been too impressed with them. I’d heard so many great things about the seasonal Marie Claire The Parcel though and when I saw they had a 20th anniversary edition coming out I thought I’d give it try! This box comes out 4 times a year to coincide with seasonal changes. Let’s see what arrived in the Spring/20th edition!



It’s very professionally wrapped with a sturdy box and tissue paper. It comes with the usual item booklet and now, due to Australian law, lists of ingredients.


BAM! Here’s the contents of our very heavy box! The lack of sample sachets pleases me greatly.


Our first full size product was this Frizz Ease shampoo and conditioner. I had never tried it so it was great! I have since started using it and I think it’s good. I certainly have bouncy nice hair and it smells really nice too! Good standard shampoo that I probably wouldn’t buy myself.


I believe this is a deluxe sample size. It’s still pretty big but not like a shampoo bottle. This is the new St. Tropez in-shower tanning product. I have absolutely no use for this so it will be passed onto a friend.


This is a full size tube of Coconut Balm by Redwin. I’ve never tried this either. I’ve been putting it on my lips and cuts (thanks to our kitten) and it smells like cooked coconut.. it’s weird but nice! Definitely very oily and moisturising.


Sample size of Clinique Custom-Repair Serum.  It’s a pretty good sample size and I’m looking forward to trying this out! Although for its regular price I could buy 2-3 good quality Asian serums so I doubt I’ll be buying the real thing unless it’s a miracle worker!


The last full size, a L’oreal lipstick in Pure Red. I’m not really a fan of their lipsticks and especially not this orange based red but it’s nice to have a make up item included! They also had three other colours which were all matte pinks, alas I got the only one I wouldn’t want!


The smallest sample is this perfume one. Apparently this was a sample in something else Marie Claire but I never got it. It’s a new fragrance from Estee Lauder and when you first spritz it I think it smells like old lady perfume. It’s like, BOOM OLD LADY! Then it very quickly fades into this sweet vanilla fruity scent. So strange. But I think it smells good! Definitely a sweet creamy scent which would be good for spring!


The last item and another sample but still huge is this Rosa Noir hand and body milk from Mor. This bottle is seriously so beautiful. It definitely feels like a high end product just from the sample packaging alone. It smells like rose and fig jam. My partner doesn’t really like it but I do! Never heard of this but I really like it!

Well, how great was that box actually?! Despite having to give away 2 items I still really loved the others and it still made up for its cost. The samples were all big and had different quality brands. No Palmer’s or Aveeno sachets here! I actually really loved this box and I can’t wait for the next one! Why are there only 4 a year?!

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