Review: Colour Pop Fall 90s Collection


I’ve been interested in Colour Pop for a little while now but was always overwhelmed with how many choices there are. Recently they brought out their Fall collection which was inspired by the 90s so finally I knew what kind of shades I’d love to buy! I splurged on two eyeshadows, two lipsticks and a blush. Though the prices are really cheap, the US dollar is still crushing ours so everything’s basically doubled. Oh well! Let’s get on with the items…



Blush in Cruel Intentions. Wow, this photographed like a hot pink but it real life it’s almost a neutral darker shade. Being more cool-toned and plum I decided this would look better than the other shade in the collection. Also the fact that I adore the movie it’s named after. ;)



Eyeshadow in Mixed Tape. A really pretty shimmery taupe. It looks like the base is brown and the shimmer is grey. It’s a great lid shade by itself.



Eyeshadow in Central Perk. Yes, another item I bought for the name because hello, Friends?! It looks incredibly dark in the pan but swatches much more maroon and light. It actually applies very lightly with a brush which makes it easy to build up and not over-do as a crease/dark shade.



L1070171 L1070172

The lippie stix in Oh Snap. I don’t know what happened here! Were my lips just too dry? They didn’t seem that way and you will see when I swatch the other shade I bought right after my lips were fine. Maybe this was a bad batch? It swatched so creamy and smooth on my arm, applied the same to the lips but suddenly like magic the whole middle went really weird with white bits. The colour just disappeared and became chunky? I will try again after a good lip scrub but it’s disappointing! Sorry the lip swatch is all uneven and weird, I kept swiping more on hoping to fix the problem but alas.



L1070173 L1070174

The lippie stix in Nevermind. I put this on right after removing Oh Snap and it applied just fine. So confusing. This one is actually much drier and harder to apply as well. They’re both labeled as Matte though so you’d thin they’d have similar formulas. You can see it also feathered. Each lippie stix has a matching lip liner though. I suppose I will have to buy one sooner or later to go with this one. At least it didn’t make my lips chunky and white! I really like this shade!


And trying to wipe it off because I’m not brave enough to wear it to a community event just yet. Just covered it with some leftover foundation and it was all good haha. But yes, Nevermind stains!

Overall I am pleased with my order and would like to do more purchases in the future. Too bad that one lipstick acted really strangely. Hopefully it was a one time thing though otherwise I just don’t know…

JessicaSignature Graphic


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