Review: Sephora Australia Website and Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop

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Over a year after opening their Sydney store, and after opening a random second Sydney store, Sephora Australia finally has a website. They bought out the Singapore online seller Luxola and you can see a review I did of them last year here. The launch was pretty anti-climatic. They had a countdown and everything but their website did not launch their exclusive brands from the beginning. It’s been open for awhile now and we still do not have a whole Kat Von D range nor any actual holiday collections (I’d love that Tarte blush palette you know!) Finally a full Becca collection was launched with their infamous Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfection in Champagne Pop. Let’s look at the shipping from the new shall we…


Here is the padded envelope everything arrives in. If you look at my Luxola review it is the same envelope just with Sephora printed on it. I was surprised since the Paypal checkout still has all Luxola branding – I thought their laziness would have further abounded lol.


Contents of the envelope. I guess the invoice is included in the document packet attached to the outside of the mailer.


And finally the contents of that bubble-wrap! My sample of… whatever that is haha. Plus the amazing Champagne Pop!


A swatch on NW10 skin!

I ordered the item on the 12th of November. Free shipping starts at $55 and the highlighter was $60 so that was nice. It shipped from Singapore on the 13th through Aramex (the same delivery company used by Luxola) and arrived at 8 bloody AM on the 17th of November. I suppose altogether not so bad.

I apparently should have earned 60 points for Beauty Pass but it has yet to update. For Australians this is now just White and Black levels and you cannot move your American VIB points across at this time.

Something to note: there is a list of brands that can’t be included in Sales and Coupons and that includes the only brands we wanted from Sephora: KVD, Tarte, Becca, etc. So that is a total let-down.

Overall, I am happy to have this item now since Becca, an Australian company, decided to sign exclusivity to Sephora who only had one store in the country at the time… I’m not sure how much else I’m going to purchase from them because I think Sephora Australia treat their customers like dirt. But that is my own personal opinion.

Are you happy to finally be able to buy from Sephora because you don’t live in Sydney? Lol! Have you purchased anything from the site yet? What other highlighters would you recommend?

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