Holiday Giving: The Smith Family

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The holiday season is usually full of buying presents, decorations, food and drink. Everyone deserves to treat themselves at the end of the year but it is also an excellent time to consider those less fortunate and give a little extra to those we don’t know. As an atheist I must admit I’m not entirely comfortable with giving to the usual charities as they tend to be religious based. Not that I’m saying religion is bad or that those who wish to give to those kinds are wrong. They still do good work and if you want to support them you should. But if you’re like me and looking for a good secular charity, in Australia, The Smith Family is an excellent choice.

The Smith Family is a group that helps disadvantaged kids get the most out of their education through all sorts of support programs so that they can make their own brighter future! Every year they run a Christmas Appeal and you can make one-off donations, monthly payments or sponsor a child. The minimum for a single donation is only $2. Even just $10 can go towards helping local Australian children believe in themselves!

You can donate from this page!

This isn’t a sponsored post or anything. It’s just a charity that I choose to donate to, something I’ve given a lot of thought about and believe they do excellent work! As someone who loves to learn and hopes to make their future in education/research I love what The Smith Family do!

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