Urban Decay Vice 4


I said that my Holiday pick for Urban Decay was the Spectrum palette but I decided to splurge and got myself Vice 4 as well. And can I just say, I’m really happy that I did!


When you open the box the palette comes in a neat neoprene bag with zip! The silver design is actually holographic so will shine rainbow colours in the light. It’s well constructed with the logo on one side and tagline on the other: “Beauty with an edge”. It can be used just for this palette, especially when travelling, or putting whatever else you want inside.


Zip open the pouch and out comes the beautiful 3D laser cut, rainbow shining case! Definitely a beauty and I much prefer it from last year’s Vice. The case is a lot like the Naked Smoky as it closes with a magnet.


In this palette you get 20 brand new shades with a mix of shimmer, glitter and matte! It’s easy to create a great dimensional look with just this palette unlike the Spectrum. Also unlike the other one, you get a double ended brush like the Naked editions. This one is a lovely shiny purple with a fluffy crease brush on one side and a shorter round brush on the other.


As you can see the swatches are pretty amazing! I especially love the greens and blues! I had to put a dot under Bones as it was almost the same colour as my pale skin. The only shades that were really lacking were Crowbar and Grip. Crowbar needs a few layers to bring it up the full pigmentation, although, layering over black would do wonders for the gold glitter!

I can’t wait to play around with this palette more!

Urban Decay Vice 4 is limited edition and available from Mecca for $98!

JessicaSignature Graphic


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