Urban Decay Naked Smoky


A couple of months ago Australia finally got Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky eyeshadow palette. Since I bought Naked 3 earlier in the year I had been interested in getting another but found it hard to choose between 1 and 2. Then the Smoky came out. Having what I think to be the combination of the best colours from the first two palettes it was an instant buy for me! If you’re looking to do cool, warm, smokey and natural looks then this palette could be for you! It seriously does it all…


Here is the box that it comes in. They embraced the theme of smokey and included it everywhere including this marbled smoke effect. Inside with the palette is a high quality folded card featuring 4 different looks to try and tips and tricks for achieving the best smokey eye. There’s no samples of products, like the eye shadow primer with the Naked 3 but it can be forgiven while glancing at the gorgeous palette…


I hope this half-half photo kind of worked! There’s tonnes of photos around of the packaging in full otherwise. Anyway, I wanted to showcase the gorgeous front that looks like the box with raised silver lettering on top of glass-looking plastic. The underside is transparent with the same smokey pattern. My partner thought it looked very 90s and I agree. The plastic is very sturdy and not too thick overall. Unlike the cardboard of the first, and tins of the second and third, Smoky has a magnetic closure and can easily hold its top up.


When you open it the top has a huge mirror perfect that can be placed and held in many angles. You get the 12 shades that instead of going light to dark they run light to dark back to light with the different finishes: glittery to matte. You also receive a double ended brush like the others. This one is different to the Naked 3 in that one side is a fluffy crease brush and the other is a stubby pencil brush. I certainly don’t have enough pencil brushes in my collection so this was great for me. The middle of the brush has the cool smokey brown effect too! Even if you take it out you’ll always know which palette this came from!


Messily swatched on my arm are all 12 shades. Sorry they are flipped compared to the palette pictured above. The lightest Thirteen is kind of the same as my skin colour… oops. Nothing will ever really be light enough to highlight with except white for me I’m afraid. You can see the different range of tones and shades that come with this with warm and cool tones. Dirtysweet and Armor are both incredible shades to me. A muted soft gold and a taupey sparkle grey, ugh so pretty!

nakedsmokyScreen Shot 2015-11-20 at 2.24.58 PM

For this simple grey look that can be worn as every day casual while still having a little smokiness. I primed with Urban Decay Eden eye primer. I used the big end of the included brush to cover the entire eye area with Thirteen so the primer wouldn’t be so tacky. With the same brush I swept Combust through the crease. Switching to my MAC 239, a flat shader, I applied Password to the lid in a couple of layers to build up the colour. Then using a Zoeva 231, a small crease brush, I very carefully added some Dagger into the outer corners of my lid. Be sure to tap the excess off as it’s very pigmented! Go lightly and add more to your liking. Taking Armor on my finger I patted it over Password to add some shimmer. I couldn’t find my MAC Fix+ but I recommend spraying some of that onto a flat brush and putting on Armor that way instead. Using the little end of the included brush I highlighted the brown bone with Thirteen and then packed High into the inner corner. Finish off with a little bit of Combust and Password on the lower lash line and a layer of black mascara!

You can purchase this in Australia from Mecca Maxima for $81! I highly recommend this palette if you were looking at one of the Naked range. It has the best packaging and selection of colours. It pairs well with the Naked 3 too since this one doesn’t really have the rosey warm colours that one has. Do you have this palette? What are your favourite shades and looks with it?

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