Shop Policy

For customer care questions, please contact me through the Contact Us form in the bottom menu.



My shop is located in Finland which is part of the Eurozone. Therefore, my shop must charge in Euros. I have installed a currency converter which will show you an estimate of how much it will cost in USD, AUD, CAD and GBP. You will still be charged in Euros, the converter is just to help you know what it will end up being in your currency. 

I currently only have Paypal as an option for payment. Shopify Payments for CCs and debit cards is not available in Finland. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.



Due to the nature of our products being digital, our shop does not allow any cancellations, refunds, returns or exchanges.



Feel free to use these files in making:

  • Blog and website backgrounds for personal use
  • Stationery, Scrapbooking and Stickers in printed form
  • Party Supplies
  • Greeting/Thank You Cards and Invitations


  • It is forbidden and against the law to resell this digital art as-is, or using my listing images for commercial use.
  • You cannot use this art to make marketing material or logo designs intended for sale.
  • Printable sticker kits are okay as long as they're sold as flattened PDFs and any "deco" included is much much smaller than original files.
  • Items like digital die-cuts or selling the PNGs as-is or as layered PSD files are not allowed.



Listings labelled as PERSONAL USE are intended to be used in unlimited personal printed projects. Please do not share the picture online as-is, they tend to be stolen this way. ANY sale or commercial use of this product is strictly prohibited.



Claiming the work of Kittenishgirl as your own is prohibited. You may not resell or redistribute designs in their original digital format. Copyright does not transfer with sale. All copyrights and ownership of images and designs remains with Kittenishgirl at all times. These artworks are inspired only and do not claim ownership of the original characters.

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